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Canon PGI-750/XL, CLI-751/XL Drop refill ( PGI-250/PGI-550/BCI-350)

PGI-750, PGI-750XL, PGI-755XXL, CLI-751, CLI-751XL;
PGI-250, PGI-250XL,PGI-255XXL, CLI-251, CLI-251XL;
PGI-550, PGI-550XL, PGI-555XXL, CLI-551, CLI-551XL;
BCI-350, BCI-350XL, BCI-355XXL, BCI-351, BCI-351XL;
PGI-650, PGI-650XL, PGI-655XXL, CLI-651, CLI-651XL;
PGI-850, PGI-850XL, PGI-855XXL, CLI-851, CLI-851XL;
PGI-150K, PGI-150XL, PGI-155XXL, CLI-151, CLI-151XL;

Auto-convection refill Canon PGI-750 CLI-751 BCI-350 BCI-351 PGI-550 CLI-551 ink cartridge


Drain conduit (Fill Needle) extends into the bottom of the ink cartridges,
Vent conduit (Air Needle) extends into the Ink Level in the ink bottle,
Vent conduit provides the air to enter within the ink bottle,
Pressure the bottle twice,
By formation a nature convective circulation between in the the drain conduit and vent-conduit,
When the ink fill full, will be auto-stop the filling.

If any question, please send message to the mailbox.

Modifying Canon inkjet cartridges for Top-fill refilling

Guide to show how to expose and open up the original fill hole in Canon inkjet cartridges, and demonstrates the options available to plug/seal it again after refilling.

Find our Canon compatible refill bundles on:

NOTE: This video is NOT a complete guide to refilling a Canon inkjet cartridge. The process of chip resetting, refilling and/or troubleshooting are not included.




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